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  • Sourced naturally and sustainably

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Natural and Sustainable Goods

Nature has and always will be our catalyst to life, taking care of our everyday needs.

Clearly an inseparable force! Our relationship with nature is crucial to our survival. From shelter, technology, art and many other aspects of our cultures .

We practicing sustainability because it’s the right thing to do. From manufacturing to packaging, we aim to be as sustainable as we can be so you can enjoy nature’s blessings.

Fodé Naturals TM


Fodé Naturals

We provide functional Natural and Sustainable goods, inspired by indigenous cultures.  Made with authenticity and integrity, we won’t use harmful or synthetic ingredients!

We aim for the promotion of your wellness through our goods, by bringing you closer to nature and inspiring your natural self.

We use innovative, proprietary methods, designs and recipes to offer you our best! 


Afro-Indigenous Communities

Africa, it’s diaspora and other indigenous communities such as the aboriginals of austailia, native-americans, and more throughout the world lived in harmony with nature because they knew that we as humans are one and the same with our environment. Following colonialism and the industrial revolution, many of these sustinable practices were forgotten and dismissed as essential to our well-being. Luckily, many ancient sustainable practices are still being performed and its time to bring them back into our everyday lifestyle. It’s time for our afro-indigenous ideologies to be uplifted, respected and a part of our future

Our goods  are respectfully sourced and influenced by indigenous cultures and communities. We work with them and support the social and economic development of their communities.

Lets support each other.

We are located in Harlem, NY

Fodé Naturals TM


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