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We offer quality natural and sustainable goods for natural and sustainable people!

Our goods are 100%….

  • Made with quality natural and sustainable ingredients.
  • Manufactured using sustainable practices and packaged sustainably.
  • Made with proprietary ingredients and method.
  • Always made with the intentions to promote your wealth, The Natural Way™.


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Our Natural goods



Nature has and always will be our catalyst to life.

Healer: Natural herbs and plants have been our most consistent source of medicine, ancient Egyptians have been using herbs since before 3100BC and over 50% of western pharmaceutical drugs are derived from natural substances!

Transformation: Our relationship with nature has been crucial to our craft for shelter, tools, art and many more aspects of our cultures.

Fodé Naturals TM


Fodé Naturals

We provide Natural and Sustainable goods and services, we won’t use synthesized or artificial ingredients!

We aim for the promotion of your wealth through our goods and services!

We use our own innovative, proprietary methods and recipes to offer you our best! 



Mama Africa has been exploited for it’s resources, intellect, raw materials, and culture< even it’s true name >for a long time It is time for the motherland to shine as bright as it did once before!

Our goods and services are respectfully influenced by African culture and we source some of our primary ingredients from African communities and its entrepreneurs! We believe in the social and economic development of Africa and it’s diaspora. to ensure support towards Mama Africa.

Lets support each other by supporting the future!

We are located in Harlem, NY

Fodé Naturals TM


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