Fode Diop
Fode DiopFounder & Executive Director
Fodé is a Mandé-American artist, organizer, and entrepreneur whose mission is to positively influence the world through organization and talent. His interests include naturopathy, community organizing, making music/art, and challenging the socioeconomic and political realities we live in. A graduate of SUNY Albany, Fodé is interested in continuing to build his business and further his social entrepreneurship. In his free time, Fodé produces music, enjoys the outdoors, and spends time with loved ones.

Our mission statement—To promote wellness through nature

Fodé Naturals strives to promote wellness through nature by offering natural and sustainable goods and services through authentic means with integrity, aiming to bridge the gap between everyday consumers and our natural environment.

  • Quality Natural and Sustainable Goods

We offer goods that are natural and sustainable. This means that there are NO harmful chemicals or ingredients in our goods; This also means that there the production and manufacturing of our goods are done in a way that does not negatively impact the environment.

This is important to us because we value the wellbeing of our supporters and the wellbeing of our environment.

  • Quality information and news about the natural world

We offer quality information regarding the natural and sustainable world.

Tune into our blog and newsletters to get quality information regarding the natural and sustainable world. This will include social and political news about nature, natural Do It Yourself(DIY) projects, and many other ways to get involved in the natural world.

Our Holistic Cycle of Wealth Model

Our proprietary business model aims to perpetuate a holistic cycle of wealth from the root of the tree to the end consumer of the fruit

Our definition of holism is simple, it is the complete– the whole of something. Our holistic model aims to establish a complete balance of wealth, from the environment of the raw materials, to the environment where the final good is received.

Our goal is to offer you, our supporters, quality goods and services while working in favor of mother nature. In order to keep the balance whole, and reciprocate value from one end to the other.

Quality Natural Goods

Our goods are 100%….

  1. Made with quality natural and sustainable ingredients.
  • Manufactured using sustainable practices and packaged sustainably.
  • Made with proprietary ingredients and methods.
  • Always made with the intentions to promote your wealth, The Natural Way™