African Inspired Natural and Sustainable Products

Fodé Naturals was founded in 2019 by Fodé Diop with the mission of promoting Afro-Indigenous culture, by offering natural products sourced and inspired by Afro-Indigenous communities. Our products range from apparel and body care to home & décor! We believe that Afro-Indigenous cultures embodied efficient use of their natural environment, mindful of sustainability, yet eloquently stylish and innovative.

  • Authenticity

    Our products are sourced and inspired by tradional West-African culture, marked by the wisdom and modes of the ancient and contemporary ideologies of West Africa

  • Integrity

    With quality at the forefront of our product development, we strive for the best ingredients and manufacturing methods to offer the best quality products with integrity

  • Utility

    Alongside style and grace, we aim for our products to fufill a need in your life. From skin care to apparel, our products serve a function in our everyday lives, making utility a core part of what we do

We perpetuate a holistic cycle, from the source to our customers.

  • We partner with co-operatives in West African countries to ensure our products are fair-trade and sustainable
  • We work with local entrepreneurs and artisans to ensure authenticity and economic inclusivity. (see more in product description)