Our Mission

Fodé Naturals strives to promote wellness by offering natural and sustainable goods through authenticity means with integrity.

Aside from being natural and sustainable, our products are curated based on authenticity, integrity and utility

This means that there are NO harmful ingredients in our products. This also means that the sourcing and manufacturing of our goods are done in a way that minimizes negatively impact the environment.

This is important to us because we want to offer our customers quality, useful goods, with the environment in mind, always.

  • Authenticity

    Our products are sourced and inspired by tradional West-African culture, marked by the wisdom and modes of the ancient and contemporary ideologies of West Africa

  • Integrity

    With quality at the forefront of our product development, we strive for the best ingredients and manufacturing methods to offer the best quality products with integrity

  • Utility

    Alongside style and grace, we aim for our products to fufill a need in your life. From skin care to apparel, our products serve a function in our everyday lives, making utility a core part of what we do

We perpetuate a holistic cycle, from the source to our customers.

  • We partner with co-operatives in West African countries to ensure our products are fair-trade and sustainable
  • We work with local entrepreneurs and artisans to ensure authenticity and economic inclusivity. (see more in product description)