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Bogolan (Mud-cloths)

Bogolan (Mud-cloths)

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These meticulous fabrics are handspun, handwoven, and hand-dyed with 100% organic cotton. Part of the Bamana or Bambara tribe's traditional culture, bogolan fabrics are a part of their everyday clothing, ornamental & decorative expression. Each piece is adorned with with ancient symbols with deep meaning. 

Uses of mud-cloth fabrics include but are not limited to

  • Home Décor (tapestry, rug, throw blanket)
  • Fashion Accessory 
  • DIY Project - Add an African twist to your DIY projects by adding pieces of the mud-cloth to your DIY projects 

As with many hand made pieces, this item may have some signs of imperfections. Please be aware that these pieces are not perfect. This is what makes the unique beauty of these unique collectible textiles.


Approximate Dimensions: 40'' Width 68'' Length

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